Leo was one of the protesters in the 2019-2020 protests initiated by the Extradition Law Amendment Bill. He was arrested in Nov 2019 during the siege of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Leo, a 20-year-old person, grew up in a family which requires regular financial support under the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) scheme. He completed his Secondary Education in HK during the city movements in 2019.

China has imposed the draconian security law and has continued to rearrest many protesters since June 30th, 2019. He decided to go to the United Kingdom in early April this year with a total of HK$11,000. He applied for asylum upon arriving at Heathrow. He is currently living in the Safe House of our working partner in London, UK. He needs to pay for his necessities so his current cash flow dropped below HK$10,000.

During Leo’s long waiting asylum application process, he is not allowed to work or study in the UK. Typically, the process of political asylum application in the UK could take up a few years. At the age of 20, Leo should be pursuing his education and career instead of waiting in the UK.

In fact, this young man could have benefited from the latest Canadian Lifeboat Policy for Hong Kong Residents. He would like to study in Canada and becomes a Canadian Permanent Resident upon completion of a Post-Secondary Certificate/ Diploma course. However, his cash balance cannot bring this plan to reality.

Toronto Hong Kong Parent Group is assisting Leo’s settlement in Canada, but our current Financial Status cannot afford his school fee. By all means, we are trying our very best to raise funds to provide sufficient support for Leo’s Canada Study Visa application.

Helping Leo by donating from GoFundMe


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