Building the Canadian Experience


Hong Kong Smelly Toku is supporting those Hongkongers to settle down in Toronto. On Canada Day, 1 July 2022, Hong Kong Smelly Toku would like to donate 50% of its sales to Joy Luk for her settlement in Toronto.

Please support the Hongkong-Style Food and new Torontonians from Hong Kong.

Toronto Hong Kong Parent Group (THKPG) Tax Clinic (Project Closed)

Toronto Hong Kong Parent Group is participating in the Federal Government Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) and offer free 2021 Income tax filing for low-income Newcomers. We have volunteers trained by the CVITP and signed agreement to maintain confidentiality of your information. Here are the details of our tax clinic:• We will help 25 newcomers to file their 2021 income tax return. First come first serve. • Please email to [email protected] to register with us for the free service. • After your registration, we will send you a form for you to fill out your personal information for the tax return. We will ask you to return the filled form with image/images of your T4s and other income slips. • We will help people with a gross income no more than $50k.

Omni TV Interview – 23 March 2022

The 831 Activity in Toronto – 31 Aug 2021.

Nature of Water

The 721 Activity in Toronto – 21 July 2021