Toronto Hong Kong Parent Group

Assisting Hong Kong Youths to settle in Canada

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We are a group of parents in Toronto emigrated from Hong Kong.

We offer our helping hands to the Hong Kong Youths for their settlement, living, and legal support in Canada, particularly in Ontario.

Disclaimer: Toronto Hong Kong Parent Group is a registered not-for-profit NGO in Ontario Canada. We don’t have any paid staff and no administrative fee for the organization. Toronto Hong Kong Parent Group is formed and run by a group of volunteers with no monetary reward. Everyone is welcome to join us as Volunteer by contacting us via email at [email protected].

Why We Do What We Do?

With over Ten Thousand People were being arrested since The Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement in June 2019, Hong Kong is no longer safe, Toronto Hong Kong Parents Group started helping Youths from Hong Kong for their settlement in Greater Toronto.

Following the Five Eyes Countries Issue Joint Statement on Hong Kong on 19 Nov 2020, Federal Government announced new pathways to citizenship for Hongkongers in November 2020, as part of its lifeboat package.

Besides some are seeking for Political Asylum, many other Youths also decided to leave Hong Kong to move to Canada under the new Pathways.  We understand that young people need to leave Home alone to the other side of the earth, we are volunteering as the Parent Role to help them to settle down in Greater Toronto.    

We always tried to do something to help those Hongkong Youths as we were one of them. We hope to support Hong Kong in the future and to help Hongkongers affecting under the rapid shrinking of Freedom.

We are funding to pay for the School Fee/Rental/Expenses for those Hong Kong Youths without financial support from their HK family.

Our Mission

Since The Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement in 2019 and National Security Law took effect in 2020, more than ten thousand people were arrested and sentenced to jail in Hong Kong. Situation is rapidly changing with more and more being arrested and jailed. Many want to leave as they no longer feel safe to live in Hong Kong. 

Following the Five Eyes Countries issued Joint Statement on Hong Kong on 19 Nov 2020, Canadian Government announced a new pathways for the youth of Hong Kong to obtain Permanent Residency as part of its Lifeboat Package.

Toronto Hong Kong Parents Group was formed in 2020 with the objective to help those decided to come and settle in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario. We are a group of parents originally from Hong Kong and feel we have the obligation to help our youth when they arrive in Canada on a volunteer basis.

Our scope of service:

  • Pre-arrival consulting
  • Airport pick up
  • Temporary accommodation 
  • Obtain government ID and open bank account
  • Transportation
  • Obtain legal aide and assist to apply for political asylum (for those not eligible to use the Lifeboat)
  • And more…

Our Services

Pre ArrivalArrival Pickup
How to legally leave your placeSettlement Service Referral
Assistance arrangement at a midway point
Quarantine Arrangement
OWP/ Study Permit Application
Job Offer Letter Arrangement
Post ArrivalRefugee Claimant Assistance
– Education Path Consultation
– Career Path / Job Search
Data Collection for the Narrative
Psychotherapy ArrangementApply for Legal Aid
Daily Lives Support
– Bank Account Opening
– Get Driver License
– Orientation on TTC & Transportation
Apply for ontario Works for emergency financial support
Apply for Shelter

Roles & Responsibilities

Intake PersonMentors
Initial Verification of New ComerWatch for emotional needs (many newcomers may have PTSD)
Evaluate the caseGive advices on further education
Provide pre-arrival advicesGive advices on career path
Job searching and Interview techniques
(could refer to the local social agency, unless our mentor has special personal connections).
To bond the teamPromote our works to the community
Motivate the team and maintain the spirit of the teamFund Raising
Organize our team for training and social gathering
Important Appointments
(i.e. Medical Check-ups)
Book KeepingSupport for translation if newcomer is not good with English